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Thank You!


It is with great appreciation and fulfillment that I share that Shania's Dance Studio (California location)  is closed. Since I was a kid it has always been a dream of mine to open my very own dance studio and Shania’s Dance Studio has been beyond what my heart could have imagined, from the support that I received from family and friends at my grand opening to an amazing almost five years in the Bay Area. I feel extremely accomplished and proud of what’s next to come.


First honoring my Lord and Savior, to whom has given me the gift of Dance & Leadership. Thank you God for the vision you placed inside of me. I will forever seek you in all I do and follow the path you set forth for me. Thank you for blessing me and keeping Shania’s Dance Studio a safe place filled with love, protection and happiness.


Aliyah, since day one, you have been there opening and closing the studio with me, teaching classes, being the photographer, cleaning, helping with the creative ideas and so much more. You’ve seen and have been a part of it all. Because of you, opening my first business wasn’t as difficult. I had a partner. Thanks for just being by my side as a dancer/student and my very own personal assistant. How you’ve managed to do it all speaks to your character, gifts, strengths, patience and talents. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you baby girl.


Mom, you’ve really been the dance studio Momma Ms. Carmen since day one. With you and Auntie Lynette stumbling upon this location at an event, during the time I was in search of a dance studio. I will never forget how you shared the news with excitement, knowing this place would be a good fit for my brand/business, from helping me set up to literally customizing my first logo board for the wall of the studio on your dining room table; from preparing for shows with us; bringing the dancer snacks and lunch, in addition to just having a good time with the parents in the lobby. Almost every Saturday you came just to show support and that has not gone unnoticed.  You’ve been here setting the tone with positivity and love. Thank you so much.


The Parents! Let me tell you, I couldn’t have asked for a better group of parents to have met. From the long term day ones to the new parents dropping in. How much you love your kids really shows in your actions.  Thank you for booking our classes, attending shows with us and just always being ready to show up and keep your kids involved. You would have thought we were a dance company opposed to a dance studio that just offers dance classes with the way we grew as a family. Thank you for allowing me to pour into your babies and thanks again sincerely for your support. I appreciate all of you. 


To the Dancers, (my babies) thank you for bringing my vision to light. Spending every Saturday for almost five years watching some of you grow up right before my eyes has been such a blessing. I will always cherish every moment we’ve shared together down to me pausing the music to shake my ice coffee to make you guys laugh, or us just chilling hours after class has been over doing absolutely nothing... just laying on the floor in peace.  I can hear myself now telling your parents, " FYI class has been over, no rush just letting you know lol".  Little do you all know times like that were a reminder for me that I’ve created the right atmosphere for youth in the Bay Area and not wanting to leave was always a good sign. Thank you for allowing me to teach you my choreography and killing it at that! I’ve loved creating costumes and just giving you guys a top-tier experience every time you enter the studio or for a showcase. Whether dance is just a hobby or if it’s something you actually want to pursue professionally, please just keep doing it! Keep dancing! Don’t stop! Your energy is going to bring so many people joy, just like it has for me. I’m so proud of each and everyone of you. You all have set the tone for the next "Shania's Dance Studio" . I'm so glad to have you all as an example. This is not goodbye, but see you later. To the Pop Up Adult class attendees and the studio rental bookings thank you for your support.


To my Property Manager, Thank you for allowing me to lease space in your beautiful facility. The beautiful brick building, gated community, private free parking, the renovated interior and collaboration with the several other business owners in the building. My experience has been nothing less than great! I appreciate you for giving me the flexibility to run my business with freedom. Leasing with you all allowed me a clear mind and sense of peace knowing that all of my hard work was protected and respected in your establishment. Thanks for involving us in some of your community events, even offering gifts to Shania’s Dance Studio dancers.  I know your organization will continue to bless others throughout the Bay Area. I will always refer people to you with pride and honor. You have set the bar high and once I lease my new location for Shania's Dance Studio they will have some big shoes to fill. Thank you for your professionalism and the policies you had in place. It’s been a pleasure renting from you all.

What’s next? This is not the end for Shania’s Dance Studio, although our California location is closed we will be relocating soon! Stay tuned for more updates! 


As a reminder, if you have a dream and if you have been in prayer about what God has for you, please listen and go for it. Let him lead you; he has something for us all.


Peace, love and blessings everyone!


Thank you,

Ms. Shania

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